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International Domestic Placement Group Review

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I contacted International Domestic Placement Group about 4 years ago. I was on an endless journey to find the right Nanny. When we interviewed with IDPG it was almost an instant relief. IDPG listened to our needs and brought us the best candidates to fit our needs. We could not be happier! It was an end to our search for a great fit for our family’s needs! We have recommended them to anyone who has asked us how we are so lucky to have found a great nanny for our children.

Seth & Michelle Cohen
Delray Beach, FL

As a family new to Florida, we initially began our childcare search online. Unfortunately, the "local" agencies we hired provided us with stacks of resumes, but it was obvious they were concerned about quantity not quality. We were discouraged and did not want to invest any more time reviewing resumes and interviewing inexperienced candidates. After speaking with a representative from the International Domestic Placement Group, we received a high level professional attention and the qualified candidates we were looking for. Because their experience, they were able to assist us in choosing the best childcare provider for our family. The process was personalized, the communication was constant and the level of service far exceeded our expectations. Thank you International Domestic Placement Group!

It's been great having an opportunity to work with you. Let's touch base the middle of next week.

Christina F

Dear International Domestic Placement Group,

Bravo to you. An internet company that delivers what they promise; a good number of well qualified nanny candidates with excellent backgrounds and references. After experiencing an internet competitor of yours, who were disappointing (to put it mildly), I was overwhelmed with the selection of your company's candidates for nannies. I signed up Tuesday, had 4 interviews lined up by Friday evening, about another 16 in the wings (if needed), was wowed by a candidate interview on Saturday and hired her by today, Sunday. She starts tomorrow. Armed with the candidates, resources, forms and information you provided, I felt total confidence throughout this process. One of the most stressful endeavors for parents (finding a trustworthy nanny to entrust with your precious children) actually became easy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Fairport, NY

I hired the services of International Domestic Placement Group and I am very happy with the outcome. Not only they helped me define the proper profile and salary range of the person I was looking for, but presented me several excellent candidates. The process was transparent, smooth and quick. Efficiency is something I appreciate and IDPG didn't deceive me!!!

Mr. Edgar Nava
Miami, Florida

I'm writing to you today to acknowledge my gratitude towards the service my family has received from your organization. In particular, the dignifying professionalism and prompt responses that has been bestowed on us from the start of our working relationship with the Boca Raton office has been most appreciative.

As a customer I'm extra satisfied with the staff you've placed in my home. It shows your organization did the necessary research from within your structure and understood exactly what we were seeking. The end result is that her performance has exceeded beyond our initial expectations and I couldn't be more pleased.

I thank you very much for all the hard work conducted at the International Domestic Placement Group, I also look forward to continue working with you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Rubinowitz
Chief Operating Officer
Health Revenue Assurance Associates, Inc.
Plantation, FL

Good afternoon:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my total satisfaction with the services provided by International Domestic Placement Group to assist in finding a new housekeeper. My thanks to your highly dynamic and expedient professional staff in providing pre-screened candidates to match my specific needs. I was soon able to select from a group of well-qualified potential new employees and chose one individual who met the standards that I put forth. I would highly recommend your services to others and I thank your team for delivering in a professional and efficient manner.


Christine E. Lynn - Boca Raton, FL
Lynn Insurance Group

Dear International Domestic Placement Group,

We did find a great nanny through your agency. She is working out really well. We're thrilled with your services! ...the first time I looked for a nanny, I was so desperate, I felt that it was necessary to go through one of the cheap .com nanny websites that do NOT filter their candidates... what a nightmare that was! Never again. What I love about your service is that you screen applicants for me, which saved me a lot of time and headaches. What a great service.
Now I understand why your firm has won the awards it has.

Bethany - Palm Beach, FL

I just wanted to say a belated THANK YOU for your service. Through your company, you found us the perfect nanny for my family. She's been with us for just over a year now, and we absolutely love her. We had registered with an expensive agency, who took our money and gave us NO candidates. Through your company, at very little cost, we found the perfect person in a matter of a few weeks. I have recommended your company to everyone I know who's searching for a nanny. Thanks again.

Kimberly - Minneapolis, MN

Dear International Domestic Placement Group, We had no idea what we were doing when we started our search for our Domestic Staff, but your staff guided us. We are in our first week with our new Butler and things seem to be going well. I don't know how we would have found someone without your service! Thank you.

Michael Walker and family - Beverly Hills, CA

Thank you very much for your quick response and for the information! I have been very impressed with the customer service that your company provides.

Michelle - San Antonio, TX

"Your company is incredible!". You found me a qualified Domestic within 2 weeks. The candidates that I did interview were all good. The process was so easy. I will be recommending your company to friends, family, and coworkers looking for any type of domestic help.

Beverly - Manhattan, NY

It has been a pleasure working with Domestic Placement Group, They have a true Five Star Mindset and are great at making things happen. Keep up the great Work!! If you need Domestic Staffing, Give them a call.

Duane R.
Palm Beach, FL

Domestics Testimonials

I had the opportunity to work with Domestic Placement Group for an Estate Management position in 2018. They've been a great agency to work with. It's really refreshing to work with individuals who have been in the domestic field themselves. They have proved they are beyond just talking the talk, they have years of personally walking the walk. Thank you Domestic Placement Group!

Sarah H.

Genuine, consistent and professional organization. I actually got a return call after being sent out on an interview with a potential employer. This is not the norm in this industry; IDPG were very considerate in their follow up in spite of the interview not producing a job offer for me. I would honestly highly recommend this agency for anyone serious in seeking employment in domestic service.

Raul L.
San Francisco, CA
(via Yelp!)

Great experience working with International Domestic Placement Group!

Trein S.
Los Angeles, CA
(via Google)

I want to thank International Placement Group for finding me a position where I have been working for six years... great company...considerate, and respectful service.

Maripina T.
Boca Raton, FL
(via Yelp!)

Dear International Domestic Placement Group,

First of all I have to say that, it has been a true pleasure to work with International Domestic International Group.

Having worked myself for a competitor's domestic employment agency, I have seen first hand what takes place "behind the scenes" of a domestic agency, I thought it would be the same lengthy procedure, responding to voicemails 2-3 days later, responding to emails up to a week or more, etc... But, I was glad to discover it was just the opposite with International Domestic Placement Group. The process was faster and far more accurate.

By having that experience, I have grounds to say that the efficiency and professionalism of this agency sets it apart from all the rest, and it played a big role in finding the right candidate (me) for the client. All the unnecessary waste of time was avoided, which made it easier to focus on the important things.

Something remarkable was the fact that my calls were always answered, rare thing these days. I never had to live a message, and my emails were replied within minutes. Immediately, I knew my relationship with Domestic International Group had started on the right foot. Thank you.

D.C. - (Name withheld by International Domestic Placement Group)
Executive/Personal Assistant

Finding private household companies was the easy part. Discovering the exceptional ones was the difficult part! That is until I came across International Domestics Placement Group. There and then I realized that their approach and professionalism not only met my expectations but rather exceeded in every aspect of the recruiting process! By far they went out of their way refining my experience, education, background and expertise in the field to match me with the right employer. Well done to the whole team and hopefully everyone finds this company as useful as I did and rewarding in finding the right job and the right employer and be able to have a win-win situation on all ends. This company does have something that many other companies do not have. They have the ability to visualize your request and make it happen. They "walk the walk" and they will follow up with you from time to time to make sure that you are happy with what they help you in your current position.

Job well done and if I would have to recommend a company to anyone in the Domestic field that would be... International Domestics Placement Group without a second thought in my mind.

Costas Prodromou
Estate Manager

As a Domestic Couple in the Domestic Industry we know and have been working with International Domestic Placement Group agency close to 10 years and have been very happy. This agency dose their job very well and are very professionally for both sides, clients and applicants, in so many delicate ways to meet expectations for all. From the moment you make a call to set a time for the interviews, over the phone and in person, agents work over time, even after hours to check things over and over to meet the clients and candidates expectations. We have been very thankful for their hard work and presentations to clients, and job placement's for all this years. Satisfaction is the main thing, and that's what this agency can provide. Together we are like a family. Thank you International Domestic Placement Group.

R & M Herovic-Florida

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