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UK / London Domestic Staffing Office

The International Domestic Placement Group is proud to provide London and all of the U.K. with a unique approach to domestic placement services. With over 15 years of experience worldwide, and the most refined list of domestic candidates available, we are in a perfect position to meet...then exceed, every expectation or predisposition you may have when it comes to hiring a domestic employee. The International Domestic Placement Group isn’t just about Nannies, Chauffeurs and Butlers, we have the resources to fill just about any area of domestic services imaginable.

When you need to hire a domestic services professional, the only name you need to remember is the International Domestic Placement Group. Anything else is simply settling for less. Contact us today at the toll free number listed below for more information about our service.

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Our London domestic staffing office serves all of Europe including: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland,


*Tel: +44 020 7183 6147
*Int:* + 44 20 7183 6147

*Fax:* 020 7183 6148
*Int Fax:+ 44 20 7183 6148
London Domestic Staffing Agency

Call us at 1-877-799-6600 for all your domestic staffing needs.

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