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Household Manager Staffing

Household Managers take care of the daily details of managing a home thereby freeing up time for the employer to do other things. This is a rather general job title and actual duties will vary in each situation. The more complex the residence and the standards of the home, then the more sophisticated and professional the Household Manager should be.

Taking care of the daily details can mean that the House Manager is doing some cooking, cleaning, driving and other domestic tasks. At this level, the position is relatively uncomplicated and salaries are often in the $40,000 - $50,000 range typically with accommodation and medical benefits. The successful employee will often be efficient, skillful and quick, which will usually make the employer happy.

Being the do-it-all person is not the aspiration or best utilization of all Household Managers. By virtue of training and experience more sophisticated Household Managers can utilize a broader range of talents and skills to save employer time and money. Managing staff, anticipating employer needs, being able to think the way the employer thinks, understanding pro active property management, event planning, security understanding luxury items, and more are in the play book of these professionals. It is understood that there is always some hands on involvement and this level of Household Manager will know all the domestic tasks in order to properly supervise, train and fill in if necessary. Salaries can reach to $100,000 for such talented individuals with accommodation and benefits.

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