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Domestic Staffing Agency

Domestic Placement Service

Using our database, International Domestic Placement Group finds several candidates that meets your specific needs. Once you select your candidate, you are allowed a "working interview", meaning you will then get the opportunity to "try out" this employee. By doing this, it saves you time and money, and lowers the chances of replacing the domestic at a later date. You will not be invoiced until you have fully accepted the domestic.

IDPG maintains the highest standards of quality. We successfully screen the very best domestic staff to match the needs of our selective clients.

Investigative Services

All candidates recommended by IDPG have full background investigations on file. We use a third party, licensed, private investigative firm. The background checks are available for you to review. Comprehensive investigative services provided by experienced law enforcement and investigative professionals with over 100 years combined experience. The background and experience of our investigators allows us to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of investigative services. We perform investigations worldwide with the highest degree of thoroughness and professionalism.

Our Fee - 10%

We at the International Domestic Placement Group (IDPG) have the most competitive fee structures in the domestic industry. Instead of the 15% to 20% average charge of other placement agencies, we only charge 10%. The reason we can do this; our large client base. Most domestic agencies only place locally or even statewide. They have lower volume and therefore higher fees to the client. International Domestic Placement Group clients are located across the U.S. and internationally. We have literally hundreds of clients throughout the world and a database of thousands of the top domestic candidates. Our volume translates to a lower cost to you!

Our Guarantee

International Domestic Placement Group Promises to find the most qualified candidates for your domestic needs. We know what we are looking for in domestic candidates, because everyone who works for the International Domestic Placement Group has worked in the domestic field in one capacity or another.

Our Guarantee is as such, 90 Days from the Hire/Start date of any person International Domestic Placement Group represents. Should either the employee be terminated or resigns, International Domestic Placement Group will replace that employee free of charge. This Guarantee is a one time replacement.

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