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Beverly Hills Domestic Staffing Agency

With a satellite office in Beverly Hills, the International Domestic Placement Group is perfectly positioned to provide all of Southern California with the most discriminating domestic service employees available. We represent a network of domestic employees in specialty areas like Estate Managers, Live-in Housekeepers, Chauffeurs, Maids and more. All are highly trained and experienced domestic professionals who have reputations for exceeding client expectations at every turn. Are you looking to hire a Personal Chef in Los Angeles? How about a temporary yacht crew for that special excursion? The International Domestic Placement Group has you covered.

Hire Domestic Staff in California

Our Beverly Hills domestic staffing office serves all of California including: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Silicon Valley, and the Pacific Coast.

Our Los Angeles office is the epicenter for the American film, television, and music industries. Recruiting and retaining well-trained, experienced, and discreet domestic staff is a key element in the maintenance of the ultimate of glamorous lifestyles. To help achieve their exceptional goals, both at home and in their careers, many of Los Angeles’s elite clients rely on International Domestic Placement Group as their one and only call for their household staffing solutions.

Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills Domestic Staffing Agency

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