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New York
Domestic Staffing Office

In New York, everything moves a little faster, and everything is a half-step above what you expect from other cities. Domestic services is no different at all. International Domestic Placement Group has been serving New York and worldwide for over 15 years, developing a reputation along the way as the company to call when you need solutions to your domestic employee needs...not more problems. All of the domestic employees represented by the International Domestic Placement Group, from the Personal Assistants to Live-in Housekeepers, are highly trained professionals at the top of their specialized field. They have to be, as our clients demand nothing less.

If you are looking to hire a domestic employee, either temporary or permanent, trust International Domestic Placement Group to find a perfect fit for the position. You can contact us at the local or toll-free number below at any time, or drop us an email to set up a consultation appointment.

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Our New York domestic staffing office serves all of New England including: New York, Manhattan, Long Island, the Hamptons, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.
for Household Managers, Maids, Nannys, Bodyguards, Personal Chefs, Butlers and more..

New York

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Call us at 1-212-380-1805 for all your domestic staffing needs.