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Beverly Hills Domestic Staffing Office

With a satellite office in Beverly Hills, the International Domestic Placement Group is perfectly positioned to provide all of Southern California with the most discriminating domestic service employees available. We represent a network of domestic employees in specialty areas like Estate Managers, Live-in Housekeepers, Chauffeurs, Maids and more. All are highly trained and experienced domestic professionals who have reputations for exceeding client expectations at every turn. Are you looking to hire a Personal Chef in Los Angeles? How about a temporary yacht crew for that special excursion? The International Domestic Placement Group has you covered.

Hire Domestic Staff in California

Our Beverly Hillsdomestic staffing office serves all of California including: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Silicon Valley, and the Pacific Coast.

Beverly Hills

Phone: (310) 943-7900
Fax: (310) 694-3320

Call us at 1-877-799-6600 for all your domestic staffing needs.